Final Chapter

Thus, there is several thing must be consider while implementing AI in recruitment to reach maximum engagement from both employees and candidates, such as;

  • 1.Aligning recruitment objective with the company objectives & plans
  • 2.Asses on which task & solution that can be supported by automation & AI
  • 3.Planning to gain leadership sponsor
  • 4.Implementation and Improvement.

With current rapid improvement on technology today, AI technology in recruitment will not be a big issues anymore. It “can” and “will” be developing more towards perfection in helping recruitment proses to maximize the result, reducing deliverable time and production cost.

With all of the things that has been discuss, that will lead us to final and very important question:

“Will recruiters be obsolete in the age of AI?”

The answer will be: NO.

No matter how smart and advance the technology will going to be, real and natural human intelligence cannot be replace by machines, cause it contains millions of neuron that creates a lots of natural impulse that connects an important analytical detail in order to sum up final profiling on both candidates and employees.

That’s what we call “Human Power”

(source: Wikipedia, Reno Rafly on JHR Forum 2019)

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