Shall we look for talents from different pool?

In order to answer those questions, we have two TED Talks that will give you insight in hiring those who might not have the best resumes or shining experiences:

1. Jason Shen - Looking for a Job? Highlight Your Ability, Not Your Experience

In this talk, Shen shed a light on how talent search should not be limited in the same places like gifted child program, Ivy League schools, or prestigious organizations.Instead, go out of the usual metrics. There are a lot of successful cases of hiring outside of the normal measurements. Shen himself holds two degrees in Biology, yet his career is in Product Management in Etsy and recently, Facebook. Sports team like San Antonio Spurs and Oakland Athletics tried this method, and are respectively successful in spite of diverse talents.

2. Regina Hartley - Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume

Regina Hartley is the Human Resources Director at UPS. Throughout her 30 years of career at UPS, she found that there are two types of candidates: The Silver Spoon and The Scrappers. Silver Spoon are our ideal candidates: come from an elite universities, worked in multinational companies, all the good stuff. While The Scrappers are the opposite of it, the job-hoppers, short periods, and that other stuff. Hartley argued that while we can hire the Silver Spoon, we should give The Scrappers a chance too, at least for an interview. It's because the job-hoppings, odd jobs, inconsistency, or lack of focus might not be a bad sign. Instead, it might be, in her words, 'a committed struggle against obstacles'. Hartley herself was a Scrapper.