Stop comparing yourself with the others.

At times when we feel down, we tend to compare ourselves with people who has it better than us. But stop there, and stop comparing yourselves. Why?

1. Different Raw Materials

Each of us have different background, and different stories growing up. We are shaped by the events, tragedies, opportunities, and incidents that occurred in our lives. Those occasions affects our lives greatly. but with having different raw materials, we can make something different, too.

2. Waste of Energy

We have our own struggles, and these struggles need more of our attention and time. Instead of comparing ourselves, which can build a resentment and negative energy, focus on what we are building now.

What we are wishing to have won't come if we don't fight for it.

3. Reinvention of Ourselves

Sometimes we want to be exactly like our role models. and throughout years, we tried to emulate them.

Most of the time, we'll fail to copy them.

But failing to be like our role models could redirect our path to something even better and fitting for us.