Virtual Recruitment

Since COVID-19 is still here, working from home has become the new comfort. While it can save costs and time for the employer, Virtual Recruiting can give some employers an additional headache and adjustment. But it can be a worth investment. Here's why:

Reducing Time and Cost of Hiring

One of the most striking benefit of virtual recruiting is saving of time and cost. Of course, buying virtual recruitment platform can be costly, but there's an alternative solution to this: rely on recruiting agencies or headhunting firms. This can give you an additional benefit: less hassle.

Remote Recruitment

COVID-19 has accelerated the rise of remote working. Which also give a way for Remote Talents to be recruited. Remote Talents are diversified, and not limited to one specific area. Hiring Remote Talents can save you a lot, and increase in productivity (Since there are less sick days, less noise, and lesser distractions). Even if you only allow half-time remote working, you can save US$11,000 annually!

Recorded Interview

While Virtual Recruiting can never give the same experience as face-to-face interview, but you can have the record of the interview as a way to examine candidates more comprehensively. The record can be used as a study for other matters, too.

Employer Branding

Great talents are attracted to not only just salary or benefits, but also knowing whether or not their employers catch up or open to innovations or new trends. This can be a plus point for you to attract excellent talents to join your team.