Executive Development Program

Executive Development Program

Our Executive Development Program (EDP) is designed to prepare future leaders of our clients to move from mastery of one focused area to success in a general management role. The participants will spend 12 weeks to develop knowledge in core areas of business (includes sales and marketing, operations, finance, human resources and strategy), improve the design of strategic initiatives in the pursuit of business goals, and develop leadership and management abilities for sustained team performance.

This exceptional EDP consists of following stages:

One: Competencies Assessment. We will identify the right competencies required for effective leadership of executives and measure the gap between the existing competencies against the requirements as basis for learning opportunities.

Two: Competencies Development. We will provide participants with state-of-the-art concepts, frameworks and techniques for leading their companies successfully in a competitive market. All teaching-learning curriculum, methods and materials are developed and delivered in partnership with leading universities in Indonesia and Asia.

Three: Executive Coaching. We will spend times with participants and their employees after returning to their normal workplace to ensure proper application of their newly acquired skills.